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What you can do

Report a sighting

  • Report a sighting of an endangered animal or plant to the Natural Heritage Information Centre. Photographs with specific locations or mapping coordinates are always helpful.
  • appreciate snakes and don’t harm them; sadly, people continue to deliberately kill snakes — keep the danger of snakes in perspective: All of Ontario’s snakes are non-venomous, except for the very rare Massasauga
  • if you come across a snake, please don’t try to capture it, handle it or kill it; snakes can be delicate and improper handling can cause serious injury; also, certain species are protected under legislation, which makes it illegal to harass, harm or kill them; be respectful and observe from a distance


Volunteer with your local nature club or provincial park to participate in surveys or stewardship work focused on species at risk.

Be a good steward

  • private land owners have a very important role to play in species recovery; you may be eligible for stewardship programs that support the protection and recovery of species at risk and their habitats
  • every year, snakes all over the province must cross busy roads; watch for snakes on the road, especially between May and October when they are most active
  • help to keep our waterways healthy; if you own riverfront property, maintain natural vegetation along the shoreline — the Queensnake and its food (crayfish) are very sensitive to pollution; ask for environmentally friendly fertilizer and alternatives at your gardening store

Report illegal activity

  • report any illegal activity related to plants and wildlife to 1-877-TIPSMNR (8477667)
  • never buy snakes that have been caught in the wild and never buy a native species of any kind that’s being sold as a pet

Action we are taking

Threatened species and their general habitat are automatically protected.

Recovery strategy

A recovery strategy advises the ministry on ways to ensure healthy numbers of the species return to Ontario.

Read the executive summary and full document (February 18, 2011).

Government response statement

A government response statement outlines the actions the government intends to take or support to help recover the species.

Read the government response statement (November 18, 2011).

Five-Year Review of Progress

A five-year review reports on progress made toward protecting and recovering a species, within five years of publishing a species’ government response statement.

Read the report on progress towards the protection and recovery of 27 species at risk, including Queensnake (2016).

Habitat protection

A habitat regulation defines a species’ habitat and may describe features (e.g., a creek, cliff, or beach), geographic boundaries or other unique characteristics.

Read the habitat regulation summary (January 1, 2014).

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